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Sleep Study Tech - Registered_Pool - Denver, CO - Per Diem / Daily Contracting - Staff


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Title: Sleep Study Tech - Registered/Pool
Location: Denver, CO
Employment: Per Diem / Daily Contracting
Status: Closed
Date Posted: 8 months ago8 months ago
Confirmed Closed: 17 days ago
Employer Name: National Jewish Health - Main Campus
Start Date: Sun, Oct 29, 2017
Shift: Open
Hours: Open
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Sleep Study Tech - Registered/Pool



Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) / Pool works under the general

supervision of the Sleep Lab Manager, Lab Supervisor and Lead Technologist to

provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders as well as

ability to score sleep studies. This may involve polysomnography for

diagnostic and therapeutic services for patient care, and education. A

Registered Polysomnographic Technologist / Pool can perform the duties defined

for a Polysomnographic Technician and may provide oversight and training of

other staff.Essential

Responsibilities1. Performs duties necessary for patient arrival, orientation, completion of

paperwork by patient and staff, education and testing, including mask fitting.2. Oversees and / or performs difficult or unusual procedures and treatment

interventions. Analyze complex situations and resolve problems according to

policy.3. Oversees and instructs other technologists in the lab as assigned or deemed

necessary.4. Applies electrodes and sensors according to accepted laboratory standards,

ensuring signals are free of artifact. Use filters, gain and sensitivity

adjustments to maintain signal integrity and quality. 5. Utilizes appropriate physiological and patient calibrations. 6. Follows established lab procedures and protocols for appropriate baseline and

treatment data acquisition or analysis.7. Ensures complete and accurate documentation for calibrations, routine

observations and significant information in order to facilitate scoring and the

generation of accurate reports for physician interpretation.8. Implements appropriate interventions for patient safety, medical emergency, and

treatment.9. Identifies accurately or scores wake / sleep stages by applying professionally

accepted guidelines, and clinical events as per center specific protocols.10. Follows Sleep Center guidelines established for scoring and report criteria,

including specific data, research indicators, examples, and technical comments,

while insuring accuracy of sleep and patient information.11. Is

responsible for data back-up and archiving, documentation of record storage

location, printing and delivering report to appropriate sleep physician, and

EDM.12. Must

be able to communicate effectively and professionally with physicians.13. Prepares and calibrates equipment required for testing and analysis, making

needed adjustments for proper functioning. Performs routine equipment

care, cleaning, maintenance and inventory evaluation.14. Reports to work as scheduled, following institutional and lab procedures for

attendance, time off, coverage needs, and time reporting.15. In

addition to the 10 AMA PRA Category 1 CME or CEC sleep related continuing

education annual requirement, attends and completes all required or mandatory

training classes, meetings, and forms in a timely fashion.16. Performs all other duties as assigned.General

Responsibilities1. Performs, as directed, safety compliance and uses Personal Protective Equipment

(PPE), as needed.2. Participates in Quality Assessment (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) programs,

as directed.3. Ensures compliance with The Joint Commission and all other Federal, State and

Regulatory Agencies.4. Responds promptly and sincerely to customer's needs, requests and concerns via

all communication forms using easily understood language and refraining from

using inappropriate language and non-verbal gestures.5. Maintains positive working relationships as a team player through problem

solving issues, speaking positively about others, listening attentively and

observing the Patient Bill of Rights and Confidentiality.6. Increases customer service knowledge, skill and ability by participating in

department and institution-wide specific programs.7. Incorporates National Jewish's identity (Science Transforming LifeĀ®) into daily

functions. Speaks positively about the institution, provides customers

with prompt service, maintains a clean and safe working environment, dresses

appropriately based upon National Jewish safety standards, and departmental

policies and wears an ID badge visibly. Knowledge

and SkillsKnowledge

of basic human anatomy and physiology. Proven interpersonal,

communication, and organizational skills. Good command of the English

language, both written and verbal.Education Associate's

Degree in sciences or healthcare, or equivalent required. Certification

and LicensureCertification

by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists as a Registered

Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) or equivalent required. CPR/BLS required.Work

ExperienceA minimum

of eighteen (18) months in a recent field of sleep medicine with proficiency in

all competencies required of a Polysomnographic Technologist.- or - Any equivalent combination of Education and/or Experience



is in a clinical environment. Frequent requirements may include: reading and comprehending

medical literature, including basic interpretation of disease processes,

medical charts, and instructions. Communication includes ability to chart

vital signs and other basic information. Communication with

interdisciplinary team as well as with differing ages and levels of

maturity/understanding of patient and family, taking and recording telephone

messages. Manual dexterity, manipulating equipment such as blood pressure

kit, oximeter, spirometer. Frequently, has the need to assist a patient

by moving or lifting. Considerable physical demands, requiring lifting up

to 25 pounds Also involves pushing wheelchairs, opening doors and cabinets,

reaching for objects. Occasionally will need to crawl in order to

retrieve a fallen object for a patient. Occasional requirements may include: sitting while completing paperwork, kneeling, and squatting. Incumbent may be

scheduled to work an alternate schedule to accommodate essential business needs

routine travel by foot or automobile to alternate work/meeting locations,

possibly during inclement weather.Environmental


environmental conditions may include: The potential of coming into contact with

bloodborne pathogens. Has frequent exposure to infectious diseases.

Occasionally, may encounter radiation from portable radiology procedures.

May come into contact with various fumes/odors. Also may encounter

contaminated biological waste from infectious patients. Personal

Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to each employee when needed as

determined by policy. Utilization of PPE is mandatory. Estimated 1700

employees in the worksite.Management/Supervisory


Industry: Healthcare

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