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Senior Lab Researcher - Denver, CO - Permanent / Full Time - Staff - Days


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Title: Senior Lab Researcher
Location: Denver, CO
Employment: Permanent / Full Time
Status: Closed
Date Posted: 7 months ago7 months ago
Confirmed Closed: yesterday
Employer Name: National Jewish Health - Main Campus
Start Date: Fri, Aug 18, 2017
Shift: Days
Hours: Open
Contact: Contact employer directly

Senior Lab Researcher

Position Summary

The position independently performs all phases of experimental investigations and collaborates with the principal investigators in the progress of major research projects. Acts as a technical advisor to laboratory technical, support and auxiliary staff.

Essential Duties

1. Plans, develops, operates, records, collaborates and reports on research projects.
2. Performs as the technical advisor on techniques involving complex analyses utilizing highly sophisticated techniques.
3. Provides guidance to laboratory staff, including technicians, support and auxiliary staff.
4. Plans, organizes and leads the work of Lab Researchers and Lab Technicians.
5. Serves as the primary contact with the research staff for technical services on major techniques, recording devices and statistical procedures relative to the specifically assigned field.
6. Reviews quality control of new of modified laboratory techniques which may affect any part of major projects.
7. Performs routine and non-routine tests leading to the successful completion of developed experiments.
8. Prepares statistical tabulations, using a calculator or computer.
9. Demonstrates enhanced proficiency in data analysis, preparation of glassware, extraction and plating procedures, programming and mathematical ordering systems.
10. Oversees supply functions, inventory control, equipment use and maintenance, and animal care and ordering, as needed.
11. Ensures laboratory and staff compliance with departmental, Institution and regulatory policies
12. Maintains compliance with all institutional / safety training requirements.
13. Maintains laboratory records, supplies, samples in an organized manner (such as a laboratory notebook and sample storage record).

Core Values

1. Be available to work as scheduled and report to work on time.
2. Be willing to accept supervision and work well with others.
3. Be respectful of all with whom you interact and follow the National Jewish Health Core Values.
4. Be well groomed and dressed appropriately for your role.
5. Be in compliance with all departmental and institutional policies and the Employee Handbook.
6. Demonstrate a willingness to learn.
7. Be able to communicate clearly, think clearly, and concentrate on assigned tasks.
8. Wear ID badge visibly.
9. Performs, as directed, safety compliance and uses Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as needed.
10. Demonstrates compliance with all state, federal and all other regulatory agency requirements.

Other Duties & Responsibilities (Optional)

1. Performs all other duties as assigned

Key Competencies

1. Laboratory Knowledge: Demonstrates and understands laboratory testing and methodology.
2. Decision Quality: Makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgement. Sought out by others for advice and solutions.
3. Adaptability: Maintains effectiveness in the midst of change in work responsibilities or environment, requirements ambiguity, or stress.
4. Problem Solving: Uses issue identification, data relation and comparison, pattern recognition and information gathering to create analyses and make recommendations.
5. Informing/Communicating: Conveys ideas, responses, or instructions effectively, appropriately, and persuasively through writing or speech.
6. Professional Relationships: Interacts with others in a constructive, positive, and respectful manner, regardless of individual differences. Assists team members or co-workers in achieving personal goals and completing assignments.
7. Drive for Excellence: Consistently meets performance expectations, ensures that accurate, objective, and timely measures of quality are made and used.
8. Innovation Management: Identifies key trends, opportunities, and organizational capabilities that would bring competitive advantage to the organization. Sees trends before others and integrates concepts in a unique way.

Minimum Qualifications

BS /BA degree and 5 years of laboratory experience required; a Master's Degree and 3 years or laboratory experience

may be substituted; or any equivalent combination of education and/or experience.

Industry: Healthcare

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SystemSystem1596512Status: Closed
Specialty: Senior Lab Researcher
Location: Denver, CO
Employment Type: Permanent / Full Time
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Specialty: Center for Genes, Environment, and Health Senior Lab Researcher
Location: Denver, CO
Employment Type: Permanent / Full Time
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