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Physician Assistant: Surgery - Flemington, NJ - Permanent / Full Time - Staff


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Title: Physician Assistant
Specialty: Surgery
Location: Flemington, NJ
Employment: Permanent / Full Time
Status: Open
Date Posted: 9 months ago9 months ago
Confirmed Open: 23 hours ago
Employer Name: Hunterdon Physician Practices
Start Date: Thu, Jul 27, 2017
Shift: Open
Hours: Open
Contact: Contact employer directly

Physician Assistant

  • Licensure Required
  • Customer service skills are required
  • Experience is preferred
  • Full time opportunity for Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner

    Position Summary

    Provides high quality patient care in their respective specialty to patients. Collaborates and works effectively with other providers and staff to provide effective team based medical care.

    Primary Position Responsibilities

    Demonstrates behaviors that are important to the success of your organization and that support and uphold our mission, core values, Hunterdon Promise and our five pillars of excellence.

    Applies effective interpersonal skills, demonstrates professional skills in the knowledge of their specialty, Is able to work effectively to provide cost efficient and timely quality medical care to patients.

    Collaborates with the lead physician and administrative staff to develop and implement medical protocols and quality initiatives within the practice.

    Uses effective communication skills with patients and staff. Follows proper organizational communication lines to address matters pertaining to job functions including proper reporting relationships.

    Work Contact Group (Internal/External)

    Reporting Relationships

    Reports to (position):

    Lead Physician of the Medical Practice

    Supervises (position(s):



    Minimum Education:


    Graduate Degree to fulfill current regulatory requirements to function as a mid-level provider.



    Minimum Years of Experience (Amount, Type and Variation):


    appropriate Mid-Level training.



    License, Registry or Certification:


    appropriate mid-level New Jersey state license equivalent.



    Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities:


    Strong Medical Knowledge Base in requisite specialty, Interpersonal skills and management ability provide patient care.


    Previous practice experience.

    Industry: Healthcare

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    2/8/17 4:45 AM
    Updated (5 months ago)
    SystemSystem1576218Status: Closed
    Specialty: Surgery
    Location: Flemington, NJ
    Employment Type: Permanent / Full Time
    This job has been closed.

    11/4/16 5:50 AM
    Updated (8 months ago)
    SystemSystem1576218Status: New
    Specialty: Surgery
    Location: Flemington, NJ
    Employment Type: Permanent / Full Time
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