Services are Free to Candidates

Our process is free for candidates.  Employers pay per recruiter, per month.

* You can create a web page that we promote to employers looking for your locations, specialties, employment types and management preferences. 

* You can control your own contact information.  You can select to have employers call or e-mail you through our system without receiving your personal contact information, or you can let registered recruiters download your profile. 

* You will receive information that matches your profile.  Every communication we send is individualized to each person's profile - no spam. 

We are a school to retirement solution to help you find out about opportunities to consider as they appear in your marketplace.

Employers pay $50 per recruiter per month

We engage and qualify both active and passive candidates before connecting them with you.

* $50 per month plus 7% of first year's salary for Permanent

* Per Diem and Travel is at $2/hr worked.

* No Contracts, month to month

* Unlimited, automated job posting - we can pick up jobs from your website, upload by spreadsheet or from formatted e-mail

Call Lloyd at 541-848-2440 PST

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